Complete Enterprise Spend Management Solution

Do business your way with an intelligent, scalable, and secure solution. Fulfilling your procurement business processes seamlessly.

Complete enterprise spend management software

The Raindrop Platform

Backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence, our robust spend management solution tracks expenses in real-time, and provides a reliable snapshot of your spending. Raindrop technology is engineered in a way that helps to identify potential spend uplifts with contracts & contractual payment commitments.

Procurement Relationship Management

Procurement relationship management process

Procurement Relationship Management

Companies continuously invest in modern technologies to drive revenue growth. However, when it comes to managing the outflow of money, they often use outdated, inadequate, and fragmented tools. To maximize bottom-line results, you need an effective Procurement Resource Management (PRM) platform to address new sourcing needs and simultaneously manage existing spend. Better than spreadsheets and emails. Better than the overly-complicated, under-utilized, expensive solution offered by your ERP provider. Raindrop is the better solution for spend management.

Fully Integrated Platform

Cloud modern technology company

Fully Integrated Platform

Raindrop provides Spend Analytics, Spend Planning, Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Supplier Relationship Management. Instead of data silos in multiple products, tight integration ensures your team has a unified view of spend and can drive specific actions to maximize the value of your investments.

Simple. Modern.

Supplier performance reporting

Simple. Modern.

A modern solution should not require months to set up, or extensive training to use. A Raindrop instance can be provisioned in minutes to provide immediate value. It is easy to configure and integrate, intuitive to use, and built on cutting-edge, secure cloud technologies.

Your Business, Your Way

Spend management PRM process

Your Business, Your Way

Raindrop does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. You can tailor dashboards, alerts, workflows, supplier scorecards, reports, and more, to meet your unique needs. Deploy the full suite, or just the modules you need right now. Raindrop will grow with you.

Designed by Experts


Designed by Experts

Raindrop is designed by industry professionals like you who have lived firsthand the challenges companies face. Raindrop ties together all the technologies for effective spend management into a PRM that speaks your language.

Customer Stories

Jeff Kitagawa - Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at Cadence Design Systems

As a global organization, Jeff's challenge was to capture and have early visibility across all global spend, as well as having the proper technology to increase internal stakeholder spend registration adoption. With Raindrop’s highly intuitive platform, Cadence’s Global Strategic Sourcing team now have the complete up-front visibility and transparency they need, focusing on strategic projects to optimize Cadence’s global spend. Raindrop’s “360-degree supplier view” and spend insights, along with addressing global languages and compliance needs for all global users, have enabled Jeff’s organization to be critical proactive value contributors to Cadence Design Systems.

Cathy Ellis - President (C. Ellis Consulting Group, LLC)

Cathy Ellis President (C. Ellis Consulting Group, LLC) has been into procurement and leadership positions in Fintech, Hi-tech, and healthcare industry for the past two decades. She possesses immense understanding of the procurement world. She is an industry leader with decades of experience in the Procurement industry. Watch her perspective on Raindrop's Supplier Management and how it can address and achieve your organization's Diversity and Inclusion goals.

By Company Size

Every industry type faces unplanned expenses due to unintended growth in vendor list and unexpected transactions that come along. Raindrop cost-efficient cloud software provides clear-cut metrics that help every business type make the right decisions on budget and strategize their spend management.

Enterprise spend management solution for Startups


Start your enterprise spend management with Raindrop’s free tools. Get access to Raindrop’s free Planning, Sourcing, Contracts, Supplier, and Procurement service tools today.

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Procurement solution for Small Enterprise

Small Enterprise

Get started early with Raindrop’s enterprise spend management solution. Grow your business using Raindrop’s Planning, Sourcing, Contracts, Supplier and Procurement service tools today.

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Spend analysis for Medium Enterprise

Medium Enterprise

Raindrop is the answer to your enterprise spend management needs. A single platform providing visibility and control to do your business your way.

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Global spend management platform for Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

Global enterprise spend management platform to plan and drive better business decisions across your enterprise. Use Raindrop across your teams to deliver spend visibility and control.

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By Role

With Raindrop, procurement leaders to executives have a platform that ensures procurement’s goals and processes are directly aligned with deriving business value and cost savings.

Strategic sourcing for Executives


Is Strategic Sourcing enabling you to drive better business decisions?

Procurement business professionals


Make the Procurement team an indispensable value contributor to your enterprise.

Enterprise real-time spend visibility


Have real-time visibility into enterprise spend and manage fiscal commitments proactively

Professional Services Elevated.

Arguably the most important, component of effective spend management is Sourcing. You need to select the right suppliers and negotiate good Contracts. With our ecosystem of business alliances, technology industry contacts, sourcing partners, and service providers, all of our Sourcing engagements self-fund very quickly in the initial stages and then continue to create exponential value through their life cycle.

Brand differentiators strategy


Take the leverage of our extensive industry contacts, alliances, and technology knowledge for long term cost avoidance.

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Get the right fit configuration from planning, procurement, operations to sourcing management through Raindrop platform.