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Transforming Source to Contract

Get your sourcing and procurement operations fully connected with a futuristic application.


Raindrop platform built by a team that has extensive sourcing & procurement transformation experience and we have lived through procurement platform challenges as customers, and that empathy provides a unique perspective which leads to the creation of Raindrop Platform. Raindrop Platform helps businesses of every size digitize their “Source to Contract” business processes by transforming how they plan sourcing, execute operations, collaborate with suppliers, and effectively manage contracts.

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Raindrop Planning

Raindrop planning module transforms your supply chain and spend data to information that serves as building blocks to drive bottom-line savings and improve operational efficiency.

Value Delivered

  • Raindrop helps you apply the results of spend analyses to your Sourcing Plan.

  • Raindrop prompts you to consider business scenarios for growth, consolidation, and other strategies.

  • Raindrop provides the aggregated plan across the enterprise considering spend, commodities, suppliers, and savings targets.

Raindrop Operations

Raindrop operations module provides a nimble and easy to use interface with the ability to track progress while measures operational and financial efficiencies. Turn your organization’s sourcing plan into reality using consistent processes to fulfill your operation.

Value Delivered

  • "Your Business Done Your Way" Personalized dashboards while fulfilling standard workflows.

  • Elimination of numerous administrative hours with easy provisioning of users, suppliers, global search and automated capabilities.

  • Readily available integration to supplier management and contract modules while providing complete visibility to supplier documents, spend and commodities.

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Raindrop Supplier Management

Raindrop Supplier management is a game-changing framework, from the ease of supplier onboarding, 360-degree supplier view, and access to all supplier information in a single portal.

Value Delivered

  • Easy onboarding of suppliers Numerous administrative hours saved by the ability to request supplier onboarding forms & documents from supplier portal and having suppliers keep their information current.

  • Supplier 360 view – Provides access to supplier data in one place.

  • Supplier score-carding – Ability to measure business value derived from operations, measure quality and ability to assess overall supplier risk by integrating third party data.

Raindrop Contracts

Raindrop contracts management provides a futuristic full-service contract management system that will meet the needs of all business functions for an enterprise of any size.

Value Delivered

  • Fully automated operational workflows for contract renewal so there are no surprises when contracts are nearing its expiration.

  • Simple workflows with easy to use interfaces makes contract life-cycle management operationally effective.

  • Financial tracked at contract closure provides a financial summary of the total addressable spend.

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Sourcing Services. Elevated.

Raindrop's Procurement Services team designs, transforms, and runs Procurement functions for global enterprises. We implement and configure the Raindrop platform to fit your organization's Sourcing and Procurement needs, and institutionalize the necessary processes. With deep experience across Indirect and Direct spend categories and supplier relationships, we ensure our customers have the spend visibility needed to be successful.


Guaranteed Return



Supplier Relationship



Cost Savings



What makes us unique

Experience & Expertise

Our Sourcing and Procurement services directly translate to bottom line savings for our customers. We leverage our extensive industry contacts, alliances, and technology knowledge to deliver direct savings and, more importantly, longer-term cost avoidance.

Alliances & Supplier Relationships

Raindrop alliance partners are leading providers of technology and services in their respective domains. Our supplier relationships helps accelerate time to value realization by providing organization access at the right level.

Value Based Engagements

With our ecosystem of business alliances, technology industry contacts, sourcing partners, and service providers, all of our Sourcing engagements self-fund very quickly in the initial stages and then continue to create exponential value through their life cycle.


How we deliver services

Our Professional Services delivers cost savings and cost avoidance to our customers by leveraging our extensive industry contacts, alliances, and commodity knowledge. While we manage, support, optimize, and manage the end-to-end Sourcing Management cycle. Most of our engagements are self-funded by delivering cost reduction on the addressable spend, freeing up admin hours needed to work across several sourcing tools and automating several sourcing operations

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Front End Services

We institutionalize procurement function by working with the client to define the strategy and all aspects of people, process and the right fit configuration of Raindrop Platform for value realization

  • Analysis of the Organization’s current capability level and access areas for transformation.

  • Architecting the to-be procurement model, with Raindrop platform and processes.

  • Building the necessary infrastructure, and tie-ins to measure value realization.

  • Providing training and change management necessary to move the procurement organization along the value realization path.

Operation Services

We provide best in class expertise with direct/indirect commodity knowledge to execute on the procurement strategy and attain value.

  • Full cycle end to end commodity management across all categories of spend.

  • Deliver current market supplier intel and procurement analytics.

  • Procurement Services – Sourcing for various commodities, negotiations, contract creation.

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Back End Services

Business Process Fulfillment – We provide around-the-clock “Source to contract” business process fulfillment including purchase requisition to purchase order (PR2PO), spot buying, goods receipt processing, account payable support, procurement analytics, and contracts management.


    Why choose us?


    Total Solution

    Provide a complete platform addressing complete sourcing and procurement needs as opposed to point solutions. Contract mgmt. sys. Signature systems. CMS, etc.


    Tailored Fit

    Insight when you need it, how you need it. We recognize one size does not fit all. Raindrop can tailor our solution to suit your model. Configurations applied to capture data and deliver information to your fingertips.



    Built on leading cloud infrastructure and data encryption, we proactively scan for vulnerabilities, including threat detection, host intrusion detection, side-channel attacks, virtualization vulnerabilities, and abuse of cloud. timely notifications. Data security is our core platform foundation. Period.



    Crafting a quality platform with the objective of providing seamlessly integrated Procurement solutions and services that are trusted and preferred by companies and provide immediate value.


    Exceptional service

    We are here to help you accomplish your Procurement goals so you can focus on your business.



    We know Procurement. We live it. We breathe it. From demand to completion. Translating our years of hands-on experience to help fulfill your business processes.

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    Stemming from common issues across the Procurement world, we set out to create a perfect Procurement environment. We’ve rolled our sleeves up in industries ranging from technology, life sciences, finance, utilities, automotive manufacturing, semiconductor, government, and many others. We’ve seen tools not talking to each other, and experienced certain tools working in some industries, yet oddly not others. As deeply experienced Procurement professionals, Raindrop has the people, process, and tools in one single cohesive solution. Seamless interoperability – because that’s how the modern office works.


    We started with a simple question. Why can’t we get all of our procurement and contracts information in one place at one time? When we set out to answer that question, Raindrop was born. We are the single solution where it counts most – where you spend your money.

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    Address: 2350 Mission College Boulevard Suite 880, Santa Clara, CA, 95054 United States

    Phone: 408-930-6525


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