Raindrop e-Auction Module

With Raindrop’s e-Auction module, generate immediate savings while effectively collaborating with your suppliers in a fast, transparent and effective way. Raindrop helps to run and manage dynamic negotiations with incumbent and new suppliers to purchase desired products or services and never pay more than the current market price.

Raindrop’s eAuction helps procurement professionals to take their requirements out to bid and negotiate with a broad pool of suppliers using an efficient technology-driven process that mitigates the need for time-consuming individual discussions, delivers negotiation transparency, and reduces final price through increased supplier competition. All this is performed through a simple to use, secure, highly collaborative, analytics-driven eAuction platform.

Raindrop e-Auction Events Value Proposition

Market Insights

Take your sourcing to a new level by getting informed on the current market price for your commodities. With the relevant and precise insights on pricing, never overpay for any of your procured commodities.


Achieve cost savings on many sourcing categories by taking your requirements out to bid in real time. With Raindrop’s eAuction module create a competitive and fair bidding landscape while motivating your suppliers to present the best possible rates.

Expand your Supplier Base

Organizations are able to enter global markets at reduced costs. Businesses are also able to be more responsive and dynamic, with real-time communication and instant availability of data identifying shifts in markets and opportunities.


Work and collaborate with your suppliers throughout the process by using Raindrop`s chat feature. The communication is never lost and the system reminds you and your suppliers of every document request, sourcing event milestone etc.

Operational Efficiency

With Raindrop eAuction reduce go-to-market time and interact or negotiate with a wide pool of suppliers in an effective way. Expand your supplier reach and simultaneously work with your suppliers to get the information needed to make an informed decision.


Raindrop provides negotiation guidance to boost the success of your sourcing initiatives. Market commodity pricing, risks involved and sourcing recommendationsare just some of the benefits our customers get as an extra value add.

Raindrop e-Auction Key Features

Raindrop’s eAuction module ensures you are quoted the current market price for goods and services you are procuring while streamlining supplier relationships, enhancing transparency and establishing better compliance between your company and the suppliers.