Raindrop Planning

The Raindrop Planning board allows you to model different financial scenarios in a private environment. Here Raindrop identifies cost reduction opportunities based on industry benchmarks and informs you of upcoming renewals. When ready, publish your chosen plan and consolidate individual departmental plans into an overall company spend plan.

The Raindrop Operations board provides a nimble and easy-to-use interface for managing sourcing projects. Track project progress while measuring operational and financial efficiencies. Turn your organization’s Annual Operating Plan into reality using consistent processes and collaborative tools.

Raindrop Planning Value Proposition

Translate Strategic plans to action

Raindrop's powerful Planning tools allow each organization to model different financial spend scenarios and choose the best plan.

Unified View on Spend

Raindrop enables you to plan by providing a unified view into your global enterprise spend – across different regions, currency types, suppliers, commodities, and more.

Cost Reduction

Raindrop identifies cost reduction opportunities based on industry benchmarks and informs you of upcoming renewals. With the power of Raindrop, you can achieve greater data visibility & identify savings opportunities, including areas for contract consolidation & avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Planning Scenarios with Call to Action

Raindrop’s Planning module enables you to make study various spend adjustments to facilitate cost savings opportunities. With Raindrop, you can compare actual current spend and chart a ‘flex up’ or ‘flex down’ course to meet your go-forward budget requirements.

Do business your Way

Users can create boards that correspond to whichever planning system they prefer, and initial column names can be populated from Excel/CSV, which users can then map target values for within Raindrop’s user interface.

Budget Collaboration between Depts

With Raindrop’s Planning and Operations boards, Finance and IT can model and gain clearer insight into where to budget effectively to support new investments and foster growth.

Raindrop Planning Key Features

From your department to your company, sound financial planning is the basis of building success. Raindrop provides complete budget planning capabilities, to create multiple financial scenario models and publish out to your team to keep on track. If you want to buy less or more of a product or service, Raindrop planning immediately shows in real time how each decision can impact your financial plan