Why Now ?


Why Now ?

Every industry is continuously transforming, resulting in managing spend which is more complex and labor intensive. To do nothing would keep on increasing your procurement costs and limits your capabilities in today’s business world.

There is an increasing demand on Procurement organizations to be cost effective. This can only be achieved by modernizing procurement applications that deliver capabilities to reduce transactional workload, promote automation and collaboration between businesses and its suppliers.

In today’s competitive world modernizing procurement applications gives enterprises a competitive advantage by ensuring productivity and enhancing business operations.

Leading by Experience


Leading by Experience

We know Procurement. We live it. We breathe it. From planning, to sourcing, to contract execution, to supplier management, we have lived in your shoes for decades.

As Procurement professionals, we saw gaps in current Procurement software and knew we could do better.

We wanted to provide answers to the challenges we continue to face.

Why does it take months to implement my procurement software?

My business partners are asking me to deliver savings to committed spend. How do I translate the ask into an Operation Plan?

Raindrop is Designed by Procurement Professionals


Raindrop is Designed by Procurement Professionals

Finally, real people who really understand what I need. We took our decades of hands-on Procurement industry experience to create a platform that is simple and immediate to provision, fits any size business, and is so easy to use with a truly frictionless user experience. This is Raindrop.

A platform which only takes literal minutes to provision and gives you instant value addition.

Ability to load your offline spreadsheets and provide spend insights and begin your sourcing activities

A platform which provides capabilities to make your sourcing predictive and supplier management proactive.

Raindrop is the Answer to Your Procurement Digitization Challenges


Raindrop is the Answer to Your Procurement Digitization Challenges

Fulfills all procurement business processes

Provides a 360 degree view of supplier spend, contracts, and risk

Transitions your organization up the value chain from being transactionally focused to predictive.

Provides the Procurement team with futuristic capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, automation and workflows which that improve your business operations.