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Customer Stories

Jeff Kitagawa - Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at Cadence Design Systems

As a global organization, Jeff's challenge was to capture and have early visibility across all global spend, as well as having the proper technology to increase internal stakeholder spend registration adoption. With Raindrop’s highly intuitive platform, Cadence’s Global Strategic Sourcing team now have the complete up-front visibility and transparency they need, focusing on strategic projects to optimize Cadence’s global spend. Raindrop’s “360-degree supplier view” and spend insights, along with addressing global languages and compliance needs for all global users, have enabled Jeff’s organization to be critical proactive value contributors to Cadence Design Systems.

Cathy Ellis - President (C. Ellis Consulting Group, LLC)

Cathy Ellis President (C. Ellis Consulting Group, LLC) has been into procurement and leadership positions in Fintech, Hi-tech, and healthcare industry for the past two decades. She possesses immense understanding of the procurement world. She is an industry leader with decades of experience in the Procurement industry. Watch her perspective on Raindrop's Supplier Management and how it can address and achieve your organization's Diversity and Inclusion goals.