Embark on your Procurement Digitization Journey with Raindrop

Procurement Digitization. April 08, 2021

Procurement leaders understand the urgency and importance of defining and executing their organization's digital transformation. The top goals for digitization projects include process automation, reporting data quality, cost savings, and streamlined compliance. While many corporate functions are reducing their cost of acquiring good and services by implementing new digital solutions, Procurement is generally not one of them.

Enterprise procurement software

Extensive and expensive implementation requirements by traditional providers, and the significant demands in ongoing maintenance and support of these traditional procurement tools, including a long learning curve, are some of the challenges when it comes to procurement digitization.

Embark on your procurement digitization journey with Raindrop. Realize rapid value attainment to support your entire enterprise spend management digitization needs from Planning, Sourcing, to Contracting, and more. Raindrop’s capabilities enable you with –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to digitize your procurement artifacts. Machine Learning(ML) capabilities to predict and forecast your spend patterns Raindrop toolkit capabilities to replace your business fulfillment costs by technology. Address your global language and compliance needs.

Raindrop is the AI/ML enabled enterprise spend management platform that effectively manages how and who sells into your company, while saving on commodity acquisition costs! Raindrop provides Spend Analytics, Spend Planning, Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Supplier Relationship Management. Instead of data silos across multiple products, Raindrop’s frictionless integration and user experience ensures your team has a unified view of spend and can drive specific actions to maximize the value of your investments. Raindrop ties together all the technologies for effective spend management into an easy-to-use Procurement Resource Management (PRM) platform which enables you to do your business your way. You’re just a click away from realizing the power of Raindrop.