The Digital Platform for Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing platform. April 14, 2021

Arguably the most important component of effective spend management is Sourcing. You need to select the right suppliers and negotiate the right contracts. Companies continuously invest in newer technologies that deliver additional capabilities to drive revenue growth. However, when it comes to managing the outflow of money, companies have outdated, inadequate, and fragmented systems which typically leads to spend leakage.

Enterprise procurement software

Why Raindrop?

To maximize bottom-line results, you need an effective spend management platform that simplifies your current systems landscape and provides additional capabilities that transition your organization to be a proactive strategic business partner.

According to Forrester,

Over 80% of procurement executives regret their choice for their current systems used for spend management. Raindrop solves this issue by providing a fully integrated and frictionless platform that helps you to do business your way.

While many systems take months to implement and extensive training to realize value, Raindrop can be provisioned in minutes and can be used immediately to fulfill your business processes to attain value. Raindrop addresses today’s global functional and compliance needs, and its standard out of the box integration capabilities enables you to connect to most of your existing systems seamlessly.