Raindrop Supplier Management

Raindrop digitizes and provides all of the features needed to effectively manage your suppliers, help achieve social responsibility and diversity goals, all while addressing your supplier risk and compliance. Raindrop digitizes the supplier components and provides a simple and intuitive technology driven framework to understand the financial and contractual performance status of your suppliers, to extract the most value from each relationship.

Raindrop helps to streamline the Supplier Management function and provides an up-to-date database with all your suppliers with respect to the equality, spend, commodities purchased, contracts in place, next events etc. Raindrop helps in providing a complete picture of supplier performance, risks, areas of improvement etc.

Raindrop Supplier Management Value Proposition

Cycle Time to Onboard Suppliers

Raindrop’s Supplier Management module is designed to automate supplier onboarding tasks while significantly reducing the supplier onboarding cycle time. Raindrop enables suppliers to maintain their own profiles, and share the information with potential customers which enables supplier onboarding time cycle reduction. Simply invite your suppliers to submit onboarding-related documents for your review, and route for approvals while providing visibility into the process.

Mitigate Supplier Risk

Raindrop holistically provides the framework to understand your supplier base to mitigate potential risks. Examples include certificate compliance, automated audit tasks, reaching out to your supplier base before their insurance certificates expire, etc. Raindrop enables you to stay on top of your supplier’s compliance and create a streamlined governance process to identify or mitigate any risks. Raindrop’s comprehensive supplier dashboard provides real time visibility to monitor supplier compliance, sustainability, and operational risks, which leads to a more predictive supplier management framework.

Collaboration & Communication

Raindrop’s Supplier Management module enables businesses and suppliers to interact and communicate easily and efficiently through the native chat feature. Whether you need to send a new sourcing request to your suppliers for a new opportunity or need supplier documents, Raindrop’s supplier collaboration features facilitate effective communication, all in one centralized place.

Social Responsibility Goals

Raindrop’s Supplier Management module caters to supporting and addressing critically relevant diversity and inclusion aspects from knowing how diverse your suppliers are, what type of spend is addressed by diverse suppliers, keeping track of supplier certificates, all the way to meeting customer social responsibility goals, and tracking to your plan.


Raindrop’s Supplier Management module provides real time and transparent flow of information between you and your suppliers. Raindrop provides a transparent framework to understand supplier-related sourcing activities, contracts, performance, risk and compliance. From 'who is buying, and from which supplier?', 'how much are they spending?', and 'when does their contract expire?'.

Supplier Self Service

Raindrop provides suppliers with self-service access to create and maintain their own profiles, which in turn reduces customer burden on data upkeeping. Suppliers can self-register and maintain all necessary documents, certifications, and all related business data, such as certificates of insurance, code of conduct acceptance, as well as industry-specific compliance issues such as human trafficking, conflict minerals, etc. Save valuable time by automating supplier tasks.

Raindrop Supplier Management Key Features

Staying on top of your suppliers is critical to the success of any business. Raindrop provides the feature set to move your supplier management from being reactive to proactive.